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Chapter 11

November 7, 2008

Oden here, filling in for Ross again. I'm still enjoying life in Denver and Ross is in Colorado Springs, probably getting all kinds of special treats and attention.

Anyhow, I like to read and there are lots of books in this house. I was chuckling over "The Six Bunny-Wunnies Freak Out" the other night when Marianne told me she'd take me to meet some real bunnies. Dig it!

So we got into the car and drove for a nap-and-a-half to a beautiful house in Evergreen. We hopped (bunny humor) out of the car and a nice lady named Beverly came over to greet us and rub my ears. *SIGH*

Beverly fosters rabbits that need new forever homes, and she invited us to Evergreen to meet Thumper and Daisy. We trooped into her house to the Bunny Room. What a set up! It's a huge sunny room with large exercise pens, two rabbits per pen. Most are Bev's pets, rescued rabbits that have special needs, but Thumper and Daisy are staying as guests until they find a new forever home.

We sat down on the floor next to their pen so the bunnies could get used to me. Bev has two Bernese Mountain Dogs, REALLY BIG DOGS, so the bunnies aren't intimidated by the likes of little old me. I was a tiny bit nervous, however. I wanted to make a good impression.

After a minute Bev opened the pen and Daisy and Thumper hopped out. While I watched, Bev gave them some small papaya treats. I tasted one -- not my favorite, I decided. The bunnies really liked them, even better than carrots. In fact, I found out that papaya tablets have enzymes that help prevent hairballs. (I've learned about hairballs from Marianne's cats - gross.)

While the bunnies hopped around me Bev told us about them. They've been sent from foster home to foster home since their people moved out of the country last year. Thumper (the spotted one) is friendly and curious. He's a two-year old neutered Rex. Daisy (the pretty brown one) is his best friend. She is also two years old and spayed. Bev said she is a little shy, but she is learning to trust again. They both have exemplary litter box habits and sweet personalities. Click on the photo with my DogBlog to see more pictures!

We learned a lot of interesting things about bunnies:

*They eat salads made up of lots of different kinds of veggies (Bev showed us the yummy fresh vegetables in the Bunny Room fridge).

*They also eat special kibble called pellets, but not the kind with seeds! Seeds are toxic for rabbits. That food is for other small animals like hamsters.

*They need Timothy hay for fiber to aid digestion.

*Some fruits are OK as treats.

*They are clean animals and easily trained to use a litter box.

*They love to play! They like a variety of toys for different purposes. Some are for chewing (untreated pine) or ripping (old phone books); some are for adventure (cardboard boxes made into tunnels); some are for noise (who knew rabbits like to toss around toys with bells?); some, like towels, are just fun to drag around.

*They do best with another bunny pal (spayed or neutered, of course!)

*They are INDOOR pets. Rabbits love a little supervised outdoor play in a safe, fenced area, but they need to live indoors.

**Rabbits can live up to 12 years.

If you want to adopt Daisy and Thumper go to the Evergreen Animal Protective League Website or call 303-674-6442.

Are you worried that Thumper and Daisy might already be adopted when you read this? Never fear! The Colorado House Rabbit Society has 120 rabbits who need homes! You can call 303-469-3240 for more information, but I recommend their website for lots of fascinating facts, including this amusing article on getting your finicky bunny to try new veggies (a concept I find difficult to understand since everything tastes good to me!)

Beverly is also an amazing artist and she took us upstairs to see her studio. It's huge with lots of windows for light and fabulous views of the mountains. I practically had to drag Marianne back to the car. Check out Beverly's Website to see her wonderful paintings. I think I'd make a fabulous subject for her next one, don't you? Perhaps a thoughtful study called "Oden And The Two Bunny-Wunnies Visit Over Papaya Treats."

Chow for now!


P.S. "The Six Bunny-Wunnies Freak Out" is by Miss Helen Sweetstory and a favorite book of Snoopy's.

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