Parker's DogBlog -- Chapter 30

Santa Claws Is Coming To Town!

November 28, 2007

Humans are weird sometimes, but I do like some of their customs. For example, I found out this week that there's a holiday in a few weeks called Christmas, and this funny fat man named Santa Claws will bring all the animals at my house presents! Whoo-hoo!

Here's how I found out:

Some of my CCI pals and I got together last weekend for dinner and games. We played one called "Funagle" that we really enjoyed. Unfortunately, we got kind of distracted and didn't quite finish, but I was winning! At least no one chewed up the game pieces, which sometimes happens when we get too rowdy. Check out the attached slideshow for some silly pictures of us playing the game.

While we were playing, a knock came on the door, and in walked a very tall man wearing a red suit and boots. He was furrier than most humans I've seen (Marianne says it's called a "beard") and really friendly. We knew at once he was a "dog person."

Turns out he's called Santa Claws. He visits every house and delivers presents for good dogs and cats, and other animals too, I suppose. Frankly, I was too excited to ask many questions.

He took each of us onto his lap and asked what we wanted for Christmas. We figured this might be our only chance to talk to Santa Claws, so here's the list of presents we requested. In case you want to give one of these excellent toys to your favorite pup, I'm including the Web sites. Hey, I'm Santa's Little Helper!


KONG toys, good for stuffing with peanut butter and a cookie, or carrots, or lettuce - yum;

TUFFIES indestructible dog toys, I particularly like the "bowmerang" and the lobster;

BABBLE BALL, Hudson's favorite toy;


PETSTAGES PUPPY CUDDLE PAD, Ren's choice and perfect for young puppies;

KYJEN BUNGEE RACCOON, Zili and Palima's request so they can play together:

HONKING BULLDOG BALL, Alette's hilarious choice, it makes a humorous "raspberry" sound when squeezed;

Oh, by the way, I told Santa that NONE of us (dogs, cats, iguanas, goldfish, whatever) want the dopey reindeer antlers forced on us for "cute" holiday photos. Not that I expect that the humans will listen, but at least Santa understands.

Chow for now!


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