Mars' DogBlog - Wombat

Chapter 60

February 10, 2011

(Cue music from "Jaws")


Remember that name. I predict you're going to see it in connection with a news story involving severed fingers or ears or tails.

Cunning creature that she is, she looks like a sweet little black CCI puppy.

HA, I say. HA.

She is not a 13-week old puppy. Oh, no, my friends. She is a shark. With many, many sharp teeth and a lust for yelping victims.

She has us all on the run. The only peace we have is when Marianne or John realize Dinah has Meryl or Mina or me pinned mercilessly in her snapping jaws and declare the game over on account of Wombat. Dinah is then escorted into her crate or x-pen for a nap and we retire to safe places to lick our wounds and recover.

"Wombat" is the code word around here for shark attack. I don't know why Marianne and John don't call it what it is, but apparently Wombat has been in use since the days of Stryker No Stryker Don't, the second CCI puppy they raised.

"Why oh why is she here?" I wailed. "Who asked for another puppy?"

Marianne sighed. "Here's the deal. Dinah was with another puppy raiser who had something happen and she couldn't keep Dinah. We offered to foster her for a little while."

"Huh," I snorted. "Easy for you to be generous. It's not your ears she thinks are tug toys."

Meryl snorted. "I remember when you were that age, and I have the scars to prove it."

I was insulted. "I was never that bad," I said. "No one ever called me Wombat."

Meryl and Mina fell against each other howling. "Hoo boy, how quickly they forget," Mina giggled helplessly. Meryl nodded and pointed at me. "Wombat," she said. She and Mina cracked up again.

Annoyed, I turned and stalked away. Really, I was NEVER like that. Yes, I had sharp teeth. Yes, I had to be reminded to play nicely. But I was not a Wombat!

I went to find Marianne. "So how long is she here for?" I asked. "A couple months is all," Marianne replied. "And here's some good news for you! We are co-fostering her with Vanessa and Kevin, so some of the time she will be at their house."

"Wow, that is excellent news!" I said. "Who is going to raise her after that?"

"More really good news!" Marianne beamed. "Diane and Elizabeth can take her when she's a little older!"

"Have you mentioned this to Calhoun?" I asked. Calhoun is Diane and Elizabeth's current CCI puppy and my friend. I have to look out for his ears, too.

Marianne shook her head. "No, but about the time they take her Calhoun will be off to CCI college with you."

I glanced over at Dinah, who was sound asleep in the crate, all four feet in the air, snoring loudly.

"She is kind of cute," I admitted. "When she and all of her teeth are asleep, anyhow."

Meryl whispered to Mina, "Shall we tell him about Puppy #8 that will arrive in April or May?" "Nah," Mina said. "Let him live in ignorance a little longer."

Chow for now!


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