Boulder Man Finds Lost Dog After 4 Weeks

Dog Survived On Own In Northeast Boulder

Boulder resident Andrew Newman said his best friend, a black Labrador mix, disappeared about four weeks ago.

Newman said he hung nearly 500 fliers throughout his northeast Boulder neighborhood and published ads seeking information about his missing dog in local newspapers.

Even after 30 days, Newman said he never lost hope. Last week the patience paid off.

Newman told the Boulder Daily Camera he got a phone call from a woman who said she saw his dog while biking on a trail.

The woman, Tanya Kaplan, said she saw one of the missing fliers and thought the dog could be Newman's.

Newman said he went to the area of the sighting and called out Scout's name.

"And when I turned around, there she was, looking right at me and wagging her tail," Newman told the Camera.

Scout had lost about 12 pounds, had bite marks along her body, had a chipped tooth and a broken toe. A veterinarian at Arapahoe Animal Hospital said Scout probably survived on small rodents to stay alive.

Kaplan said she was delighted to see the friends reunited. She refused Newman's $500 reward offer.

"I've lost a dog. I know what it feels like," she told the Camera.

Newman talks about being reunited with his dog in this video from the Camera:

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