Dougco School Board Wants Ties Cut With Teachers' Union

Tension continues after the Douglas County School Board proposed to cut ties with the teachers' union. The Board proposed to put the issue on the November ballot. Now, a small group of concerned parents and taxpayers are fighting back.

The group marched outside the district's administration building Thursday to protest the school board's most recent proposal. Tuesday the board announced it's debating to put three questions on the November ballot regarding working with the teacher's union. The president of the School Board, John Carson, said those three issues are:

• A ban on district funding for union officers • A ban on collection of union dues • An end to collective bargaining with unions

Anne-Marie Lemieux has two kids in the Douglas County School District, and said she's frustrated with the direction the district has moved. She started getting involved in January after attending an open meeting and was upset with the way the Board handled feedback from teachers and parents.

"The decisions they make all happen unanimously and it's not in the best interest of the kids and the community," Lemieux said. "The problem is they want to bust the union with no valid reason. The union has worked really well here."

However, Carson said it's time to reform the district's procedures. He said the teachers have received pay raises and the district plans to work directly with each teacher.

"I think it's important that we have a school board and superintendent who want to constantly challenge the status quo," said Carson.

The Board meets again Sept. 4 to vote on whether to put the issues on the November ballot.

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