Mike Nelson's Colorado: Manitou Springs features springs you drink

Manitou Springs are for tasting

Several towns and cities around Colorado are known for their hot springs, but there is one Colorado town where the springs are not hot.

The springs in Manitou Springs are cold and people come to drink them.

Manitou Springs has 11 active springs visitors can sample. The Chamber of Commerce has a map to help direct visitors to each one.

There may be another 17 springs on private property and buried underground, according to Floyd O'Neil with the Manitou Springs Chamber of Commerce.

The Navajo Geyser Spring was found under a shop during remodeling. The owner now has sample cups inside his store to let visitors sample the spring water. The cups are next to the fudge.

Each spring tastes different.

"All are uniquely different. It's an acquired taste, but we all have our favorites," said O'Neil.

Tom Schroeder of Alaska came to Manitou Springs on vacation.

"Some of them taste an awful lot alike to me, we've only hit three so far," Schroeder said.

Other visitors said the springs taste like natural sparkling water. 7 Minute Spring

The water from 7 Minute Spring is used to make lemonade each year for runners registering for the Pikes Peak marathon.

The springs are in a variety places in town. Some are right on the main sidewalk, such as Stratton Spring on the corner of Manitou Avenue and Ruxton. Navajo Spring is next to several kiddie rides. Soda Spring is inside a building, next to a restaurant.

When 7NEWS visited, we found several adults and children at Cheyenne Spring filling up water bottles to take it back to New York.

"It's really cool because it's bubbly water," one visitor said.

Stratton Spring

While Manitou Springs is known for its springs, it's also becoming more pedestrian friendly. In the past few years, the sidewalks have been widened, flowers, benches and trash cans have been added and the overhead utility lines have been buried.

"We've maintained the charm and character of the town," said O'Neil. "We didn't over-modernize, but made a more modern, user- and pedestrian-friendly type of town without sacrificing the original history of the town."

The springs are also being improved. The area around each has been redesigned by an artist.

To visit the springs, print out a map . To learn more about the town, go to ManitouSprings.org.

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