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Discover Colorado’s largest rock and mineral shop

The Rock Doc
Posted at 2:21 PM, Jun 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-18 16:21:40-04

NATHROP, Colo – If you’ve ever driven down Highway 285, you may have passed by a long red and white building called The Rock Doc. The Rock Doc is one of those hidden gems left over from the 1970s when highways across the US were littered with rock shops just waiting for road trippers to splurge on mineral trinkets.

The Rock Doc is the largest rock and mineral shop in the Rockies and has been operating for 50 years. The current owner, Cindy “The Rock Doc” Peratt, bought the shop 20 years ago when she saw that it was for sale.

“The Rock Doc is my dream. I’m a geologist and I was in the corporate world for a while, but this is kind of my dream to just peddle rocks,” says Peratt.


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Whether you are interested in gold prospecting, looking for rocks or just getting out to have fun in nature, the shop will help you get started on that adventure.

“Our shop is absolutely a great place to start if you have ever thought about rock hounding, gold prospecting, just enjoying the nature part, or the science part of nature, we have all the resources,” says Peratt.

Discover Colorado’s largest rock and mineral shop