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Go deeper and discover the stories behind the people, places and things that connect us all to Colorado.


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Discover Colorado | Great Outdoors

Click the video to sit back and relax to the sights and sounds of our beautiful state through Denver7's Discover Colorado Zen stream. Then, explore things to do before you hit the trails!

Discover Colorado | 14ers

Colorado is home to more than 50 14ers, or mountains that exceed 14,000 feet above sea level. Thousands of Coloradans and visitors to our state brave the possibility of failure, poor weather, injury and more in order to stand above 14,000 feet — to look around and feel quite certain you’re on top of the world. These are their stories.

Discover Colorado | History

It's not just the beautiful Aspens and epic nature that make our state great. Colorado is home to some of the most interesting and flat out weird stories you can find. Here are legendary people and places that have shaped Colorado’s history.

Discover Colorado | Epic characters

Some are lucky enough to be born in Colorado. Others are drawn to the beauty and stay for endless outdoor adventures. Connect to the stories of Coloradans who take on unique challenges and inspire us all through their spirit.

Discover Colorado | Wildlife

Wild horses, elk, eagles and Bighorn sheep! There's just no place quite like Colorado when it comes to the creatures that share in our natural resources. Discover more about our wild neighbors that roam across our state.