DIA breweries serve as stress relievers for rushing travelers

Explore all breweries at DIA
Posted at 9:23 PM, Aug 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-09 00:50:46-04

DENVER -- Traveling through any airport can come with endless amounts of stress.

At Denver International Airport, passengers can relieve some of that stress with food and drink - and by drink, we're talking about none other than Colorado craft breweries.

Currently at the airport there are four breweries. One of them, Tivoli, sits right outside security beneath the Westin.

Tivoli is the only brewery that brews on-site at the airport.

Nate Nicklas has worked with the brewery for several years, and says he'd like to see people come in to enjoy a beer before even dealing with the stress of travel.

"Don't wait for the finish line. Get started at the start line," Nicklas said.

Nicklas says the concept of brewing at the airport still surprises many people.

"When I've talked to guests they're like, 'You brewed this beer here?' 'Oh yeah, we brewed that beer here, that's pretty rad, huh,' and they're like, 'Yeah, that's really cool -- we're like, at the airport.'"

The other three breweries are each located at a concourse inside the airport. They include New Belguim Brewing, Great Divide Brewing and Breckenridge Brewing.

Matt Sandy works with Great Divide Brewing and says it's always been a dream to be serving beer inside the airport.

"It’s kind of been of a dream of ours for a long time to be open in the airport because there are hundreds of thousands of people that fly through here every year, and we see this as a way to kind of extend their experience in Denver," said Sandy.

With all the brewery options available at DIA, it might make some people consider arriving to the airport a little earlier.