7 speakeasies you should try to find in Colorado

Posted at 10:58 PM, Jul 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-04 00:58:22-04

DENVER – Back in the 1920s, speakeasies were hidden places where people could buy alcohol illegally by sneaking through an inconspicuous door in the dead of night.

But while the original meaning of the word has disappeared into distant memory, some of these establishments remain in Colorado – and offer service you won’t soon forget.

Here’s a list of just 7 you can find still standing across the Centennial State:

1. Williams & Graham - Denver, Highlands

Hidden behind an “adorable bookstore,” this speakeasy boasts an exceptional customer service experience in a beautifully romantic and classy space.

Yelp rating: 4 out 5 stars.

2. Green Russell - Denver, Larimer Square

The bartenders here are highly trained and the cocktails are carefully crafted by a mixologist who will listen to you and even build a drink based on your needs and tastes. Oh, and did I mention you’ll get the feel that you’ve stepped into the past, as they are also dressed in period clothing?

Yelp rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

3. B&GC - Denver, Cherry Creek

The Boys & Girls Club is so secret not even Yelp knows about it. Seriously, you will not be able to find on Yelp, so don’t even try.

Fortunately for you, we’ll tell you how to get there: The Halcyon, a Cherry Creek hotel located at 245 Columbine is where you’ll want to look. The room for the speakeasy is hidden on the back of the hotel, in an area that used to be a post office. Once you find it, you can ask for signature drinks as well as your run-of-the-mill alcohol beverages.

No Yelp rating available.

4. Bookcase & Barber – Durango

This isn’t your average barbershop. At this venue, you can enjoy experience the art of grooming, but you’ll need a password to get in to other more… hidden gems.

No Yelp rating available.

5. Golden Moon – Golden

This speakeasy offers an extensive cocktail menu featuring classic and modern craft cocktails, pre-prohibition style punches and long drinks as well as cheese, charcuterie and a selection of other bites and desserts.

Yelp rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

6. Sideworks – Telluride

Experience a cozy 1950's American lounge in an intimate setting that offers a full menu composed of sharable plates, craft cocktails, fresh home brew and a sophisticated wine list.

No Yelp rating available.

7. Hooch Aspen – Aspen

This speakeasy claims to be “like your living room, only more fun.”

No Yelp rating available.