Jeff Anastasio

Director of Digital Media

When I was a kid, I thought I’d grow up to teach music, fly L-1011’s, forecast storms at Newsline 9, conduct the LA Philharmonic, or open up a no-kill animal shelter. I guess I didn’t do any of those things. But those dreams kind of make sense now.

When I was a kid, I was looking for an escape. I needed a way out of my complicated childhood situation. While I never thought I’d really become any of those things above, I at least knew I had one thing… actually make that two things going for me.

I always had a very active imagination. I’ve always been someone who easily gets lost in my dreams. Even now.

Here are a few other things I’ve learned about myself.

Somehow, I managed to learn enough emotional intelligence to know when to shut up and listen. To know when to put yourself in the shoes of some other person.

I’ve learned to be honest when you need time away from it all. if you’re an empathetic person, journalism is especially hard. Know when to ask for help.

Always ask.

I’ve learned ‘brave’ is a better word than ‘innovation’. Anytime you’re struggling to ‘innovate’, just go for something brave.

I will never again work in a bad culture. I will do more to be brave enough to confront bullying behavior no matter the size of paycheck the employee brings home every 2 weeks.

Stand up for yourself. Always.

I like to think these learnings are pretty good traits for a journalist and imperfect manager of people. Which is what I ended up combining into a pretty rewarding life’s work.

I've written a lot about myself, which is awkward for an introvert. But, hey. It's a bio section.


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