Mitt Romney makes surprise visit to Chipotle Mexican Grill in Denver

A relaxed Romney orders two pork burrito bowls

DENVER - Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney took a break from debate preparations to get lunch at a Chipotle Mexican Grill in Denver.

Romney shook hands with a worker behind the counter and posed for photographs with several workers during the unscheduled visit on Tuesday at the Stapleton Chipotle, 7400 E. 29th Ave.

Romney was joined by Sen. Rob Portman, a Republican from Ohio who is playing President Barack Obama in debate practice sessions at a hotel nearby.

Chipotle training manager Marty Arps, who rang up Romney's order, said he got a brief, but up-close-and-personal, sense of the Republican presidential nominee.

"I got a different outlook on him other than what the media portrays of him. It was very positive. He was nice. It was a pleasure," Arps told 7NEWS.

Romney bought two pork burrito bowls with guacamole, one for him and one for Portman, the manager said.

"I'm still excited," Arps said. "It's was the whole 9 yards. The photographers were taking pictures and, of course, the security was here with him."

Romney ignored reporters' questions about how he was feeling going into the debates.

"Gov and Senator Portman stop by Chipotle for lunch," Tweeted DGJackson, Romney's personal aide.

"Romney & Portman's burrito orders nearly identical BUT Portman shakes things up w/ hot sauce & extra guac," Tweeted ABC Political Director Michael Falcone.

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