Wendy Williams defines being 51 and fabulous

Posted at 10:46 PM, Sep 14, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-15 00:46:22-04

Wendy Williams is a force. She has a presence.

Even in a sit-down interview with 7NEWS, Wendy’s energy is palpable.

The talk-show host hasn’t let entering her 50s inhibit her. At 51, she’s fit and more confident than ever.

“If it doesn’t happen by 50, it probably won’t happen,” she says on her decision to get in shape, adding her next 50 years will be amazing. Her answer included plenty of honesty, as well.

“Also, I'm on TV. I don’t want to let myself go,” she says, until after this run is done. That won’t be soon. Wendy’s popularity grows by the season. On Monday, Sept. 14, her show debuted in Denver on 7NEWS at 9 a.m.

She hates working out. She does pilates, but Wendy would rather sit on the couch all day if she could, she tells us. Even so, the motivation never lacks. Her son inspires her to be her best self. The other moms at school help too.

“I’ve always been ‘Old Lady Mommy,’ because I didn’t have him until I was 37,” she says. “And I remember taking him to kindergarten and nursery school and stuff, and the moms are all 22 and 23. And I’m like, ‘Okay, well I can run with a young girl.”

Her persona at 51 is robust. And she’s proud of it.

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“People would kill to have my limbs, and I know that they would. And I only admit that now at 51. When I was younger I hated being so tall. I was also heavier, so I was taller and heavier,” Wendy tells us. She’s 5-foot-11.

Wendy doesn’t force herself. If she doesn’t want to stretch her limbs, she won’t go to the gym. The key to her fitness is never being lazy. A day without a workout means a day running around set, going grocery shopping, or moving in any way. She’s honest. It’s important.

“Move your body or you’re going to die,” is the advice she gives to other women wanting to get in shape. “You’re going to leave your kids motherless, and that is more motivating to me than anything else.”

At this point in life, Wendy says confidence is never an option. She’s not scared to say what she means and keep following her dreams.

Catch the highlights of Wendy’s interview above and check out her show on 7NEWS Monday through Friday.