Denver Man Files Complaint To Bar 'Ladies Night'

Proof Nightclub Says It Will Continue With Practice

A Denver man doesn't have any problem with patronizing Ladies Night at a local nightclub but he just doesn't want to pay for the privilege.

So he's going to court.

The Proof Nightclub in southeast Denver doesn't charge a cover for women on Thursdays but it does charge men $5.

Stephen Horner paid the cover last month and said he had a good time at the club, located at Hampden Avenue and Tamarac Drive. But then he figured Ladies Night specials discriminate against men and filed a complaint with the Department of Regulatory Agencies' Division of Civil Rights.

"Why should I pay $5 just because I'm a guy?" he told the Rocky Mountain News. "Women are growing up these days feeling they are entitled to favors. I believe that this entitlement mentality is counterproductive to the social goals of an egalitarian society."

He called the club promotions a hypocritical message that makes men angry and resentful.

Some states have outlawed the practice of Ladies Night specials but the rulings are often not enforced, experts said.

The Proof Nightclub issued a statement that said it does not discriminate against any race, creed, color or gender and that it will continue to hold Ladies Night.

The director of the Colorado Licensed Beverage Association, which represents bars and taverns, said Ladies Night is not about discrimination but is a way to attract people on nights that tend to be less crowded.

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