Dancing With The Stars All Stars: Super Blogger Week #5

Gulity Pleasures Week! Tricks & Treats!





This week, the show was divided into 2 nights of performances—due to the USA being divided into 2 parties and the networks airing the respective 2 nights of debates.


We were privy to a little special insight into the All Stars as they chose a song that related to a personal "guilty pleasure" from their pasts.  We were also treated to outstanding Team Dances.


Kelly and Val:  ok…..I’m getting some intense vibes from these two—gazing into each other’s eyes and Kelly cuddling up to Val whispering, "I want to dance with you forever," last week.  They performed a Samba that included some great spins and new sensuality from Kelly, but was a "tad too raunchy" for Len.  Hmmmmm, waddaya’ think?  Maybe a little chemistry in the old Castle laboratory?


Gilles and Peta’s "I Will Always Love You" Bodyguard-themed, Rhumba was a "pillowcase-full of eye-candy"!   Len said Gilles turned October into "Hot-ober" and that it "should be Oscar-nominated!" Bruno called it "master-class theatre".  Carrie Ann shot up her arms and with a "let the baby-making begin," she FELL OFF HER CHAIR!   Gentleman Gilles rushed over to help her back into her seat.  He gave us another dramatic performance, packed with sweet delights.  The audience was on their feet.    Extraordinary!


Kirstie had a rough time in rehearsal with the "Mrs. Robinson" routine and Maks commented that "everyone left is an amazing dancer."  Kristie resolutely replied, "but not everyone is a great entertainer".  I agree.  Entertainment value has a HUGE impact on the viewing audience.  They appeared in sleek, powerful, all black costumes and she did her best dance ever!  The Judges raved about her carriage and elegance.  After so many frustrations in rehearsals, it brought Kirstie to tears.  Here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson!!!


Emmitt….Emmitt…  a.k.a. "Copacabana Red" performed a Samba with a swagger, per Carrie Ann but she didn’t fall off her chair.  He gave us apple-bobbing fun with a smile as big as a happy, handsome jack-o-lantern.  From the moment he slid across the floor to Cheryl, we knew this was going to be great.  No one projects the absolute "joy of dance" like Emmitt, and he executes all the hip action, shoulder shimmies and Samba moves with underlying strength, style and polish.  They scored a solid 29.




Go Purple! Go White!  "Call Me Maybe" was filled featured a gymnasium full of treats:  Cheerleaders, football players, school desks, lockers, smooth, creative transitions between couples, totally "in sync" precision and sensational athletic tricks (that took Melissa on an ambulance ride with a rehearsal neck injury).  Apolo was so good you absolutely could NOT tell that he wasn’t one of the Pro’s.   The whole number overflowed energy, fun and remarkable use of the floor.  Almost a perfect 30 from the judges—29.5. 


Relive the Dances from this Show






Melissa danced a "spooky" Tango to "Toxic", coming to life in the Laboratory and slinking down the stairs in sparkling silver.  She had difficulties in rehearsal, to the point of tears, but performed elegantly.  Len thought she could have used a little more "snap", mentioning her her injury, which drew major groans from the audience.  I thought she did an outstanding job particularly having never-before done the Tango.


Shawn and Derek Rhumba:  touchingly, recreated the Titanic movie story with "My Heart Will Go On".  Shawn learned to convey real emotion through movement, with beautiful arm swirls, and an emotional connection with Derek.  Derek’s choreography punctuated the story with a breath-taking edge-of-the-stage "catch" symbolizing Jack Dawson thwarting Rose’s attempt to jump overboard.  It brought a deduction from Carrie Ann (she judged it a "lift").  As the "lovers-from-different-worlds" dance progressed, they ended with Shawn leaning back into a single-leg spin and finally, an exquisitely picturesque rendition of Jack (Derek) sliding from the Rose’s fingertips, her, left on the floating ice, and him sinking into the depths of the icy waters.   Len wanted to see more hip action from Shawn, but Bruno gave them a solid 10.   Tremendous choreography.


Oh Apolo!!!   Your days at the Disco would have been so much fun!  Their Samba reflected  the 70’s with Apolo masquerading in white disco suit and Leopard-print silk shirt, and Karina  in a red night-gown style dress.    Apolo asked, "Give It To Me Baby" quite effectively throughout the entire dance--by his facial expression, in the choreography and even on his knees!  He has wonderful lines, feels every beat and  executes his moves with ease. 


Sabrina in her Princess Costume earns an extra Snickers bar—Waltzing Cinderella and the Prince (Tony).  She beautifully transformed from a strong, energetic dancer to an elegant and charming interpretation of "So This Is Love".  Graceful, soft arm movements, and smooth, gliding steps surprised and delighted everyone. 



OK……I’m thinking precision "teamwork", unison moves, etc.  WRONG!!! The only time we saw that was during their colored-suit Opening moves.  This was total, thrilling, techno CHAOS, from rehearsal to the floor!  "Team-dance" lasted about 30 seconds then…… they stripped off the suits for their individual costumes and segments.  Moves were hip-hoppish with sharper edges.  Gilles and Peta stripped down to steam-bath towels!  The crowd is NUTZ!  The judges thought it was phenomenal.  Tom Bergeron, "the best number in 15 Seasons!"  Bruno went wild over Gilles in a towel, and Carrie Ann thought it was a "hot mess—but crazy fun."  This was a number you need to watch (at least) twice to catch everything!  (link below).


I can’t get over the level of dancing we are seeing this season—full of tricks and treats and something for everyone! We don’t get the results until NEXT WEEK!!!! 


The new, emotional Shawn

Emmitt – Samba with a swagger

"Gangnam Style" – you have to watch it AGAIN! 


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