Dancing With The Stars All Stars: Super Blogger Week #3


DENVER - The following entry is from our "Dancing With the Stars" Super Blogger, Marla Gifford from Louviers, Colo.!

 Watching this week’s show was like watching a tornado blow out a power grid of substations!  …….anticipation  ….EXPLOSION   ….anticipation   ….EXPLOSION! 

It was like 33,000 volts of compressed electricity exploding from the All-Stars, zapping its way throughout the entire show!  The All-Stars were over-the-top, giving it every spark of desire and force they had!

Drew and Anna’s “uh-oh-uh-oh” lyrics hit the backdrop of concert speakers and lights pouring through the theatrical, warehouse-style fan, --KABOOM!  (The first Substation blows up!)  Energy flooded the floor.  We’ve never seen Drew this intense, nor Anna with such sensual, “Rock-star styling”!

THIS was going to be a “big one”!  We were swept away to an OZ –like dream sequence that surged with dramatic interpretation from Gilles, who was actually FLYING (on wires), landing in an exquisitely recreated, dream-Tango.   Sparks flew wildly from the force of his dramatic execution.  ZZZZZZZZZZAP!

Anticipation building…..  Melissa and Tony BLASTED out in an electrical storm of flashing laser-lights--pink lights sweeping to blue, bright yellows and multicolors bursting through the transparent stage.  Beautiful Melissa Samba-ed through pools of light on the floor with hip action and technique worthy of Rio Carnivale!  The heat must have been measured in MEGAWATTS!  CRRRRRACK!   ZAP! 

Apolo and Karina’s sultry, mind-jolting “Fever”  blew in a hot, “Apolo tornado” that whirled life into a beautiful statue.  220 volts of current flowed through the room!  POW!  Their sensuality scorched the floor with incredible step execution and expression. 

Kelly & Val were on fire!  Glowing coals of determination, fanned by Kelly’s bullfighter-cape skirt took their “Paso-doble flame” higher, until it became a pillar of Pyro shooting up behind them.  Tremendous contained emotional force throughout—KA-BAM!  (Another transformer blows!)  The audience was on their feet!  

Kirstie & Maks drove a “British Invasion Cha Cha”, onto the floor—literally—in a British Audi-Cooper!  ZZZZZZAP!  An explosion of red, white and blue!   Maks’  enthusiastic, eye-lined, “Mick Jagger” rendition included the electric energy of Mick’s favorite stage moves!   They demonstrated the most creativity of the night! 

A glowing pink hoop of light appeared, Sabrina squarely in the center, in an “Amazon strength” pose.  Their entire dance was fabulous--filled with energy.  Intricacy of new steps wasn’t enough for Carrie Ann.  She was looking for more “surprise”.  But the creativity Sabrina was seeking was INSIDE the dance with new and difficult choreography.  Crrrrrackle.

Emmitt & Cheryl  created an “after-the-bullfight” Mexican Cantina celebration.  Heat from the Amber gold lights reflected off the gold trimmed costumes. The hot moves and the excellence of technique and steps climbed to a crescendo with Emmitt sliding through Cheryl’s legs like a lightning bolt!   CRRRRRRACK!   It was a heat-lightning explosion, driven by determination and awesomely performed dancing!

The power grid takes another huge hit!  Helio’s pin-striped Quickstep opened  with only the sound of his footsteps, quickly moving down flashing white light stairs, onto the pin striped dance floor and into a high-voltage Quickstep! SMMMMASH!   WHHHHAAM!  Helio’s 150 watt footwork and joy gave us a BRILLIANT performance.  But then…… a short-circuit!  He stepped on Chelsie’s skirt!  Jolting him off-balance, he missed a few steps at the end.  The judges remained completely impressed, saying this dance should come back next week!

Bristol and Mark threw lightning bolts at each other during rehearsal, but on the floor, the moves were smooth as DC current.  Inside their life-sized chess match, complete with “integrated circuit” lyrics,  Bristol transformed herself! She was an elegant, feminine, royal Chess Queen with white fabric swirling around her.  BAM!  Her strength puts the black King on the floor.  Blew us away again! 

Next explosion - Shawn & Derek.  They didn’t just break the rules, they burst them into a million flashing pieces!  KA-BANG…. KA-BOOM!    Electrical fireworks filled that floor, from their beginning, individual trampoline flips, to 1,000-volt footwork, “kickin’ it” in perfect unison.  When they ran up the stairs for their….. hold your breath……wait for it…….stuntman, DIVE-OFF-THE-STAIRS ending, we were jumping out of our chairs, cheering!

The Judges came out of their seats: “The best dance EVER on DWTS!”

There has never been such energy and power on that dance floor—ever.  This entire show was phenomenal-- “Determination and Passion personified”--explosion after explosion:  BOOM ….BANG…..SHAZAAAM!

“I am writing this blog as the winner of Denver’s 7 Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars Super Blogger Contest. The opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not reflect the opinions Denver’s 7, ABC, Dancing with the Stars or any their related persons.”

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