Dancing With The Stars All Stars: Super Blogger Week #2

"Whoa" is the word for this week's competition

DENVER - The following entry is from our "Dancing With the Stars" Super Blogger, Marla Gifford from Louviers, Colo.!


“Whoa” is the word for this week’s  competition—more to keep us in our chairs than for the dancers.   Nothing will stop them now!  These dancers are “out of the chute” in all-out, nose-to-nose competition!


Kicking off with “Shout” as the song selection, as Tony and Melissa did, “set the stage” for an absolutely enormous show!  “Shout” is an all-time, full-proof, “dance floor “winner”.  I wanted to jump up and dance WITH them!


The Judges, looking for better-than-ever performances, showed a bit more criticism this week, but still raved over Melissa’s fast foot action and precision!  Tony’s choreography was superb.


“Whoa” certainly fits Bristol and Mark’s “Redneck Woman” Quickstep!

PERFECT costuming! Bristol looked “cuter than a puppy in a little red wagon”, as the country folk say.  Mark included some Line Dance footwork/styling as icing on the Country Quickstep Cake.  Would like to see just a bit more energy from Bristol--and we know she’s GOT it from last week’s performance.  They broke the Rule about “breaking hold” (reflected in their scores), but the concept was excellent.

(Target for elimination?  Quite possibly. One mistake can “do it” in this race.)


Helio’s charm snuggled us right into the “Helio fold”.  Outside rehearsal, he gave Chelsie the ride of her life!  I’m sure she thought “Whoa”--screaming her way around the race track!   She was openly awestruck with overwhelming admiration for his profession.  His good-heartedness shined throughout his dance, along with outstanding energy and footwork.


Apolo and Karina’s high-level Quickstep was suited for the National Ballroom Finals.  Apolo’s wonderful ability to project poise and control danced right into our hearts!  Their intricate footwork was so good and in sync, they could be likened to a beautiful matched set of trotting horses dancing along in perfect reflection of each other!  “Stepping it up” is familiar to Apolo.  His determination produced a dazzling show--from Karina’s flashing, bright yellow dress to Apolo’s smashing, all-out smile at the end


Sabrina and Louis positively ASTOUNDED us!  Sabrina’s never-before-seen “triple kick” shocked and pleased Bruno beyond all expectations.  Splendid technique and lines! Projecting emotion, excellent carriage, and execution won her votes from me!  AND, she was working under apprehension due to rehearsal injury on the stairs.    In the end, they performed the move perfectly, resulting in the highest score of the night!


Kirstie’s Jive delighted us with her unique new “look”, sporting raven black hair.   Maks’ training technique of tied-together rubber-gloves worked beautifully on leg positioning.  She ran to the Judges stand TWICE-- a perfect example of Kirstie’s fun-loving personality.  Noticeable improvement!


Emmitt’s costuming was brilliant.  Red hot tails, lined with the animal print, matching his bow tie AND Cheryl’s dress, was Quickstep Eye Candy!!

He was slightly less effervescent than last week, but still showed terrific footwork, and his ever-glowing, sheer joy of dance. 


Drew is back!  He and Anna’s interesting “Adagio” look featured a never-before-seen move, first-class kicks and solid timing. Although he still needs more work on foot placement, he won’t be “in jeopardy” this week! 


Joey and Kym came off the couch with a creative, Charlie Chaplin themed Quickstep demonstrating exceptional footwork and expression.   A few glitches caught the Judge’s eyes.  Joey said, “if I suck…I suck”—but he didn’t!!!  Entertainment value alone was A+!


Derek and Shawn’s “Rock-Around-The-Clock-style” number included Shawn’s stairway cartwheel—definitely bringing more to the floor!  Her Olympic leg muscles give her the ability to master difficult footwork, then relax into the FUN of the dance.  Her vibrant expression and interaction were delightful. Shawn is “on her way”!


Kelly and Val performed an oh-so-elegant Quickstep--Cinderella and the Prince!  Kelly needs some work on extension and form, but this was an amazing example of combining the “bouncy” Quickstep with elegance.


Gilles danced marvelously unaware of his leg injury.  Not one grimace! He was breathtakingly handsome (shirtless under his jacket), executing kicks and flicks which were judged the “best of the night” and was swooningly, heart-throbbingly dynamic. 


In the end, it was “quite a horse race” with back-to-back great performances that left us proclaiming, “Whoa!  What a ride!”


NEXT WEEK:  Judges admonished dancers to perform things they have never seen before!  I’m SO looking forward to fantastic creativity!


Bristol’s C&W Quickstep…. “Whoa!”:  http://beta.abc.go.com/shows/dancing-with-the-stars/video/PL5520946/_m_VD55235828


Giles – “the Supersonic Trouper”:  http://beta.abc.go.com/shows/dancing-with-the-stars/video/PL5520946/_m_VD55235893



Emmitt’s Red Hot “Cool Cat In Town” (Oh yeah….baby…) http://beta.abc.go.com/shows/dancing-with-the-stars/video/PL5520946/_m_VD55235858


Flashing yellow/Smashing Steps & Smile – Apolo and Karina:


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