Dancing With The Stars All Stars: Super Blogger Week #1

Opening night of DWTS brought lots of excitement

DENVER - The following entry is from our "Dancing With the Stars" Super Blogger, Marla Gifford from Louviers, Colo.!

The “Dancing With The Stars” All-Stars season opener was over-the-top fantastic!  Get ready for quite a ride over then next 10 weeks.  The idea behind the “let’s-watch-them-again”  format is a clear case of  “too much fun!"  This “All-Star Season” promises more passion and great dancing than we have ever seen before on DWTS!!!

The judges are even excited!  They were constantly smiling and spoke their praises with such welcoming and warmth toward the contestants, anyone could easily see their genuine happiness to have these people back on the dance floor once again.  Oh, sure…they gave their constructive criticisms, but the overall feeling was noticeably one of kindness and affection.

Talk about a “wow factor!!!”   We were wowed by Joey’s determination to perform better than ever—and he DID!  We were thrilled by the “Astaire-esque, retro Hollywood” number by Gilles, and Helio’s super smoooooth savoir faire.  (Ahhhhhh……….my heart be still!)

Drew (although a bit “rusty”), presented Anna so well that you could almost feel the whoosh of air from her beautiful blue, feathered skirt as she turned and twirled in his arms.  (See link below.)

Derek brought a truly “happy atmosphere” to the floor by creating a delightfully youthful number for Shawn (youngest contestant) that kept us tapping our toes throughout. 

It was great to see Kirstie back again with Maks.  (Their rehearsal shots are ALWAYS a real KICK and I can’t wait for those behind-the-scenes laughs with them!)  Kristie will get better each week, just as she did before.

The sharp and ever-so-cute Sabrina (see link below) absolutely gave it “all she’s got”, and Bristol completely knocked me out with her new-found confidence, proving that she can “shake it” with the best of ‘em!   Bristol’s performance will go down as one of the most amazing moments on DWTS.   She is transformed—the butterfly has emerged right before our eyes! 

Kelly, in her glorious gold beaded fringe, was positively stunning and did a superb Cha Cha Cha.  Hard to believe she had never done that dance before!  She danced like a pro. 

Melissa and Tony’s “Hey Big Spender” brought me to my feet.  We all know that Len doesn’t go for “theatrical”, but I LOVE it—and they did it beautifully!  

And then……. there was Apollo.  Was he hot hot HOT  or what?!!!!  He moved from classic Cha Cha to techno music with ease, precision, real charisma and audience appeal.

I agree with the judges as to Pamela needing more work, but no one can say she didn’t look dynamite up there!  Va Va Voom, Pamela! 

Emmitt was the hands-down SHOWSTOPPER of the night!  He was on top of his game in execution and stage presence and a smile so contagious  you have to smile right along with him!  A thrilling and fun finale to the evening! (See link below).

The competition was so good, it’s nearly impossible to predict who will be eliminated.  The contestants are ALL so dynamic, each with different strengths.  Whoever is eliminated, it will be a “heartbreaker”, that’s for sure.  We will just have to sit on the edges of our chairs and see how the results tally up.

 Let me reassure you, “This is IT, folks!”  This is THE ONE to watch!  It’s like a LIVE, yet new, re-run of DWTS “Greatest of the Greats” that we have so enjoyed on all the past seasons--seasons that we didn’t want to end!   So don’t miss it--record it, and watch it again!  This is a “keeper”!

If you missed it, you can fix a drink, put on your favorite dance outfit, sit back and enjoy the opener here:  http://abc.go.com/watch/dancing-with-the-stars-all-stars/SH559050/VD55234216/week-1?cid=kmghblog_dwtsblogcontest

Cute, sharp  Sabrina:  http://beta.abc.go.com/shows/dancing-with-the-stars/blogs/show-stoppers/week-1?cid=kmghblog_dwtsblogcontest

Feel the breeze from Anna’s skirt:  http://beta.abc.go.com/shows/dancing-with-the-stars/blogs/show-stoppers/week-1?cid=kmghblog_dwtsblogcontest

Smile with Emmitt’s Cha Cha Cha:  http://beta.abc.go.com/shows/dancing-with-the-stars/blogs/show-stoppers/week-1?cid=kmghblog_dwtsblogcontest

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