Hyundai Hope on Wheels awards Children's Hospital with grant

Grant helps hospital with child cancer research


This September, during National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Hyundai Hope On Wheels will donate $10.25 million to support 41 pediatric cancer research projects at Children’s Oncology Group (COG) member institutions across the country.

On Friday, September 20, Hyundai Hope On Wheels® will award Children’s Hospital Colorado with a $250,000 Hyundai Hope Grant to Dr. Christopher Porter for his work on combating drug resistance in certain types of leukemia.


The check will be officially presented during Hope On Wheels’ signature handprint ceremony at Children’s Colorado. At the ceremony, Denver-area children affected by cancer will dip their hands in colorful paint and place their handprints on an official Hope On Wheels lab coat that will be presented to Dr. Porter to commemorate their brave battles with cancer.


In 2013, Hope On Wheels will donate 41 Hyundai Hope Grants totaling $10.25 million to institutions across the country. By year-end 2013, Hope On Wheels will surpass $72 million in donations to pediatric cancer institutions nationwide since its inception in 1998.

What:                      Hope On Wheels Handprint Ceremony with Children’s Hospital Colorado.

Who:                        Hope On Wheels and Denver-area Hyundai dealers, doctors, families and children battling cancer from Children’s Colorado.

Why:                        To present Dr. Christopher Porter of Children’s Colorado with a $250,000 Hyundai Hope Grant to improve drug resistance in certain types of leukemia.

When:                     Friday, September 20 at 10:00 a.m.

Where:                   Children’s Hospital Colorado - 13123 East 16th Ave. Aurora, CO 80045



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