Independent investigation into two DCSD board members finds no board policies were violated

CASTLE ROCK, Colo., - A 45 page report detailing results of the investigation into Douglas County School Board President Meghann Silverthorn and member Judi Reynolds is complete and has been released to the public.

The two are accused of bullying Ponderosa High School protest organizer Grace Davis during a closed door meeting in the days leading up to the rally.

Denver7 was the first to report that meeting was secretly recorded by Davis, who was 15-years-old at the time.

In the report, investigators write, "We found no evidence that Directors Silverthorn and Reynolds violated any district policy during that meeting.”

The Davis family said in a statement to Denver7, "We are disappointed in the lack of impartiality of this report, the lack of respect for the information we provided, and the lack of accuracy regarding our statements. We feel that this report placed Grace on trial and not the perpetrators that committed the acts against her. We are mostly saddened that the school district that our children have grown up in would condone this type of behavior in a learning environment. We would hope as a family that we would never imitate this behavior but always stand in kindness, bravery and truth. “

In an interview with Denver7 Silverthorn said she is pleased with the outcome of the investigation.

“We didn’t break any laws or policies, we didn’t bully or intimidate anybody and certainly the report bears that,” said Silverthorn.

While Reynolds holds that she never intended to bully Grace Davis and she believes the investigation reflects that.

“I went in there to have a conversation with her, to share with her the concerns that I had heard in the community about the potential protest,” said Reynolds.

Other board members like Anne-Marie Lemieux tell Denver7 she’s disappointed with the findings.

"Rather than focusing on the task at hand, what happened to a minor student, at the hands of adults in authority, it got sensationalized into an extremely costly investigation," said Lemieux.

The June 21st board meeting is open to the public, but won’t include any public comment.

The board is scheduled to discuss the results of the investigation.

The investigation took Gordon Netzorg and his team 372 hours to complete.

The investigation cost the district almost 164-thousand-dollars.