CSU Libyan student is back after the travel ban was lifted

Libyan native and CSU PH.D student Hanan Isweri is back in Fort Collins after he was stuck in limbo at several airports around the world following the president’s travel ban, which was temporarily lifted on Saturday.

Isweri went to Libya to be with her family after her dad passed away. She is on a student visa and when she tried to get back to the U.S, she couldn’t because of the ban. Isweri says she was stuck in several airports with her 13-month-old baby, trying to get back to her husband and their other three children.

Once the ban was lifted, Isweri got on the first plane back to Colorado. She says still doesn’t understand why someone like her who entered the country lawfully had to go through what she went through.

“If I went to the embassy and they refused to give me the visa this is their right, but they already issued me a visa and I’m in transit status. They can’t tell me that I can’t enter the country while part of my family is here,” said Isweri.

Isweri spent the last seven years in Fort Collins studying for her degree. She says she will be done this year and plans to go home for good as soon as possible.

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