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TEDxMileHigh Humankind offers big ideas worth spreading

Posted at 4:49 PM, May 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-21 18:49:53-04

On June 22, TEDxMileHigh: Humankind – proudly supported by Denver7 – will bring together 12 speakers who will demonstrate new ways of approaching old problems, challenge the status quo, and present fascinating research, technology, and design.

Drawing from a wide range of backgrounds and achievements, these speakers will present their stories of innovation that bear a common root value for the humanity that unites, connects and inspires us.

Some of these speakers work in scientific fields, seeking a blend of best practices and humanistic values to innovate with respect and compassion: Disaster relief technologist Sarah Tuneberg founded Geospiza to leverage data connection and save lives around the world; Archaeologist Chris Fisher introduced the world to a previously-undocumented city, Angamuco, in 2007.

Other speakers use the frame of humanity to tease apart complicated, interrelated systems to find new ways for thinking about what is just: Susan Devan Thomas thinks and writes critically about the outcomes, aspirations, and opportunities of transracial adoption; Annecoos Wiersma writes on the law of wildlife trade. TEDx also welcomes two writers who use language to portray truth and bring dignity: Journalist Chuck Plunkett led a group of writers to publicly criticize their own bosses at The Denver Post, and Theo Wilson, public thinker and slam poet, uses creative writing as part of his social activism.

In addition to the talks, TEDxMileHigh: Humankind will offer ample opportunities to connect with thousands of like-minded peers through interactive exhibits and experiences as well as a complimentary lunch from some of Denver’s best food trucks. Among those in the crowd will be humanitarians, artists, scientists, educators, and dreamers — all united by the core motivation to lean into the drive for connection and innovation. Inspired by the example of the TEDx speakers, guests will dive deeper into the question: What is next for humankind?

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