Student says scholarship has helped with success

Posted at 4:31 PM, Feb 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-04 13:32:22-05

Jorge Jaquez is about to graduate from the Colorado School of mines with a major in petroleum engineering and a minor in economics, and he says it would never have been possible without the help he’s received from Ace Scholarships.

Jaquez is one of the volunteers being honored this month by Denver7 and US Bank.

Jaquez volunteers with the organization that has helped pay for he and his brothers to attend schools outside their neighborhood since he was in middle school.

“They actually put me through middle school and high school  through private school, made it possible for me and my brothers,  something my parents couldn’t have done without them,” he said.

Jaquez says those scholarships broadened his horizons and brought him new opportunities he likely wouldn’t have had if he had gone to his neighborhood school.

“I’m not certain the teachers or classmates would have been able to push me to be where I am today,” Jaquez said.

Jaquez is now on the alumni board for the scholarship program and is working to develop a mentoring program, but he said his work with the group actually started back in high school when he was asked to meet with some of the donors who make scholarships like his possible.

“As soon as I met the strangers who gave me money to go to schools without even knowing me it inspired me to pay them back by showing them what I turned out to be and by showing them the money they invested in me wasn’t wasted.”

You can learn more about ACE Scholarships on their website.