Hey, we've got a Princess Charlotte on this side of the pond, too

A comparison of the royal Charlottes

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Charlotte has been a top 10 baby name in the U.S. for three years running, according to BabyCenter.com. Recently, the UK’s royal family re-upped the name’s overseas popularity when they announced that Kate and Will’s newborn princess would be named Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

We can think of another royal baby with that first name.

OK, so Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky, the first granddaughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton, isn’t exactly royal. But the much-anticipated Clinton baby, born last September, is about the closest thing to a princess as we’ll get in the U.S.

One thing’s for sure, they’ve both got big names to live up to, and we’re not talking about their first names. 

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