80s and drier this weekend

Afternoon and evening storms mainly above 6,000 ft

Following the week's heavy rainfall, a few drier days are in order.  Temperatures will warm-up, getting back to average for the time of year by Monday.

Although dry overnight, the Denver metro area will still have a little bit of cloud cover  -- still should be clear enough to see the ISS flyover (click for information).  

As state rain/storms end overnight, the sky will clear some by morning.  Most lows on the plains and metro area will fall into the 50s, and 40s expected in the mountains.

Saturday and Sunday will be very similar days.  Mountain thunderstorms will develop daily in the later morning and will last into the evening.  One of two of these storms will make it down to the city area and the plains.  That leaves a mostly dry weekend for the city.  Highs will hit the middle 80s both days.

Early next week we will be tracking another system moving in from the north.  This will raise rain chances and flood threats for the middle week.  Temperatures will never quite reach the average, 90, before that system moves through to cool us off again.


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