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Near record highs for the next two days

DENVER - You might walk out the door this morning without a jacket!  Temperatures will only dip into the upper 30s and low 40s for the morning drive. 

Look for plenty of sunshine to start and a gorgeous afternoon!  An incredible warm-up has moved into the state and today looks to be even warmer than yesterday.  On Sunday, Denver hit 61 degrees for only the third time this month.  This unseasonably warm air will hold strong through the middle of the week. 

It looks like Denver will hit a high of 69 degrees around 2:30pm -- the record high today is 73 set back in 1982.

Speaking of records, if you look through the climatology you'll see that today, Monday, and Tuesday are historically warmer days for Denver.  Interesting to note that this is the case this year.  Just goes to show that weather is cyclic.

Tuesday will remain warm, too.  60s again for most and a few low 70s.  However, this warm snap will slowly "break down" a bit starting Wednesday when we are in the upper 50s with more clouds.  This is when the next system will be moving through the region.  

Cloudier skies and cooler temperatures will move in for the end of the week.  That is the state's next best chance for rain and/or snow.  Denver will be in the upper 40s, which is still warmer than average, to end the week.  

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