Storm system will bring in stormier days with cooler temperatures

Today has certainly been hotter, and for some the hottest day of the season so far. Denver has been 90 and above since the early afternoon and still targeting 95 as today's high. This isn't the start of a hotter trend, however.

Expect the warmth to last this evening, unless you are under a thunderstorm. For Denver, the city will be in the 80s through 9pm, then 70s for a few hours around midnight followed by middle 60s for early Wednesday morning.

Take a look outside and you'll see increased clouds and perhaps a storm off in the distance. These are part of a weather system that will increase our storm chances this evening through Thursday. It will also cool us down a bit starting tomorrow.

The storm chances in the short term are best for northern Colorado this afternoon and evening. Fort Collins and Greeley have a better storm chance than Denver, with Denver's being a 20% chance. Storm activity should quiet down by 10pm. With a lot going on outdoors tonight, let's hope venues stay dry.

Those headed to the Ed Sheeran concert at Red Rocks may have a storm to look at, but the chance is only 20% for a storm. Those headed to the Greeley Stampede have the better chance of getting stormed on as far as evening activities within the area.

Although these may be strong storms with a lot of rain and frequent lightning, the risk for damaging hail and/or wind is relatively low -- only a 1 in 5 chance of a severe storm for today.

This storminess is a visual cue of the bigger storm system moving in, with impacts the rest of the week. Let me break down the next few days:

  • Wednesday will be in the upper 80s, some 5 to 8 degrees cooler than today. Scattered storms are possible Wednesday afternoon and evening. This time the chance will be better for a Denver thunderstorm than those to the north.
  • Thursday will be in the middle 80s, and likely the coolest day of the workweek. Scattered storms will again be possible.
  • Friday, however, the impact will begin to lessen. We'll see temperatures starting to rebound as storm chances drop. Only isolated storms are possible Friday and Saturday, which is great news considering all of the July 4th events happening. Highs Friday will be in the 80s, 90s are looking more likely for Saturday.

There's a system to move within the region by late in the weekend to early next week. It appears that it will cool us into the middle 80s with better storm chances. The timing of this currently is for Monday and Tuesday, but I wouldn't be surprised if it arrives a bit early. Sunday may end up being stormier and cooler than expected should that system move through more quickly.



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