Hot weekend with just a few storms

Great weather across Colorado


It will be a hot start to August, with temperatures running a few degrees above normal this weekend.  Highs will be in the low to mid 90s for lower elevations, with upper 70s to mid 80s in the high country. Rain chances will remain rather low - in the 5-10% range for most areas, although the central and southwest mountains will have a better chance for storms.

The main storm track has shifted to the northeast of Colorado as the jet stream winds are strongest from central Canada across the Great Lakes to New England.  The central and northeastern parts of the country will have the greatest risk of strong the severe thunderstorms over the next few days as the jet stream helps swing a couple of cold fronts through those areas.

In Colorado and across the southwestern states, satellite images show a pretty distinct plume of tropical moisture flowing north from Mexico. This monsoon moisture pattern has been dumping some heavy rains over New Mexico and Arizona over the past few days. Colorado has been just on the northern edge of most of the action.

It appears that a wave of tropical moisture will slowly drift north into Utah over the weekend and then shift east into Colorado early next week. The rain chances will increase across the state by Monday and Tuesday bringing a greater chance for storms and slightly cooler temperatures.

By early next week, the rain chances will increase a bit and temperatures will drop slightly as the weather pattern shifts slightly. The upper level winds will increase across the central Rockies, bringing a little more energy to help fuel some thunderstorms.

For right now, enjoy the long, lazy, slightly hazy days of summer in Colorado!






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