Cold continues, periods of snow possible

DENVER - The wintry pattern we have been in for days continues. All data still suggests Thursday as the earliest we will snap out of it, and go into a warmer, drier pattern.

This is a prolonged stretch of snow and cold for the state. Denver has now been colder than average for 8 days, and another 5 days to go. The center of energy for this pattern is sitting over the western US over Utah, Nevada, California, and Arizona. With little ability to move, that center of energy occasionally releases smaller pockets of activity toward Colorado and New Mexico.

This is why we haven't had constant snowfall, because we will catch one pocket, and await the next. A larger pocket of energy will move over the state Sunday. This will bring the mountains, especially southern ranges, a foot or two of snowfall. For those of us closer to the I-25 corridor, we will have more widespread snow than Saturday's, and with that more of us may come away with a couple/few inches. The timing of this particular snow will be Sunday afternoon through very early Monday morning. This light/powdery snow type may create some icy areas on the roads for Monday morning. Although this should not make the commute nearly as bad as some we had last week with the heavier/wetter snows. Still this isn't a snow chance worth changing your plans over just yet, it is a wait and see type of snow chance for the city.

I will continue to watch these pockets of snowfall through Wednesday morning. Not to get into great detail at this point, but Tuesday's may be a much more significant amount and cause some more bad commutes for later Tuesday and early Wednesday. From Wednesday into Thursday, the center of the entire storm system will begin to move, finally, and as it exits our region we will start a warming and drying pattern for the end of the week and next weekend.

That's a lot of snow detail, but you should know the cold will remain through this stretch, too. Tonight Denver will be back to near 0 for the low, and Sunday's high into the lower 20s. Monday through Thursday remain colder than average, before that weather pattern change gets going late in the week. See the attached 7-Day for Denver specifically.

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