Dry skin? Cold weather systems coming down from Canada are bringing the dry conditions

DENVER - Those suffering from lotion addiction these days can blame our persistent weather pattern.

Since late fall our weather has been primarily coming at us from Canada.  These cold systems are also quite dry, which is why we have only had about 50 percent of normal snowfall for the season.

With each cold front that passes, the humidity drops significantly too.

If you’ve found yourself rubbing on more lotion or grabbing extra chap stick, you can blame the arctic air. The colder the air, the drier it is.

Toward spring, our pattern will likely shift to where our storms come more from the Pacific Ocean and those typically are more humid and less cold, thus better for your skin -- late December and January are our coldest/driest days.

For comparison sake, December 2012 through this part of January Denver has had 8 days below zero, as cold as 15 below!  Last year during the same time we only had one day below zero at -2.  In fact, Denver averaged 3 to 5 degrees warmer a year ago.  The colder it is, the drier it is!  

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