Bolder Boulder director plans meeting with police to discuss safety in light of Boston explosions

BOULDER, Colo. - The horrific twin explosions near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on Monday have caught the attention of the organizers of Colorado's largest race, the Bolder Boulder.

More than 50,000 people are expected to take part in that race on Memorial Day, in just about six weeks. Race organizers say they always have multiple contingency plans in place, in case there are problems along the route.

The director of the Bolder Boulder, Cliff Bosley, said his first call after hearing about the explosions in Boston was to the incident commander at the Boulder Police Department. The two scheduled a meeting for Thursday to discuss security concerns surrounding the Bolder Boulder.

"With the Bolder Boulder, from the beginning, the battle cry has been 'Oh, yes you can.' And that still is the battle cry. Maybe that has a different meaning for people this year, in light of the fact that we have stuff like this going on in our sport," Bosley said.

Bosley said his staff is very good about running "what if?" scenarios, and they will continue to be diligent about that this year. 

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