Patrick Roy fined $10,000 for ramming team benches' divider during coaching debut for Avalanche

Roy slams bench partition over 'cheap shot'

DENVER - The NHL has fined Patrick Roy $10,000 Thursday for his 'smashing' coaching debut with the Colorado Avalanche.

The Avs crushed the Anaheim Ducks, 6-1, but the highlight reels focused on Roy barking at Ducks players and ramming a Plexiglas partition separating the two benches over what he called a "cheap shot" hit on his rookie star Nathan MacKinnon.

Video of Roy's passionate defense of his player in the final seconds of  the Wednesday night win is lighting up sports shows and the Internet.

"Patrick Roy is back and if you wondered whether the fiery Hall of Fame netminder had mellowed, um, the answer would be an emphatic no," ESPN's Scott Burnside writes.

Roy was fuming after Anaheim defenseman Ben Lovejoy laid a knee-on-knee hit on MacKinnon, who had two sensational assists in the game.

Roy bellowed at some Ducks players before slamming the glass divider between the team benches, sending it tilting toward Duck's coach Bruce Boudreau, who shouted back at Roy. The Avs coach was booted from the game -- but the final horn had already sounded.

Boudreau said he told Roy his flare-up -- with the Avs' victory in the bag -- was "bush league."

"It's just because it was MacKinnon. It was a little trip and maybe they should have called it and [they] let it go because of the score. He was barking at me because I was yelling at him to quit yelling at our players," Boudreau said after.

"A coach has no right to start yapping at players," Boudreau said. "I told him that it's bull, it's bush league. He did what he did, but I mean it's going in for a long year if he’s going to yell at every player and yell at the refs at every stoppage of play. It's just not the way the game's played."

Roy dismissed the dustup as "just a normal night."

He explained that he has to show the same intensity that he's demanding of his players.

"Great intensity,"  Roy stressed. "Felt like I never left," added the revered former Avalanche goaltender, whose pregame entrance ignited roaring approval from fans at Denver's Pepsi Center.

"Perhaps the best part of the entire episode, Roy ended his postgame media availability by saying his team has to be humble after a win like this and come to work ready to build on the victory," ESPN's Burnside dryly noted.

Roy was assessed a game misconduct for his behavior.

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