Sheriff: Ex-cop Christopher Dorner died from gunshot to head, hid in condo to elude authorities

Wound appears self inflicted

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. - Authorities say fugitive former cop Christopher Dorner died of a single gunshot wound to the head as authorities were pumping tear gas into a mountain cabin during a deadly gun battle with sheriff's deputies.

San Bernardino County sheriff's Capt. Sheriff John McMahon told reporters Friday that it appears the wound was self-inflicted.

Deputies said they heard one final gunshot from the cabin as it was going up in flames during Tuesday's gunbattle.

Before he died, Dorner killed one sheriff's deputy and wounded another during a fierce shootout.

Authorities initially were unsure whether Dorner killed himself, had been struck by a deputy's bullet or had died in a fire that engulfed the cabin during the shootout.

Officials also believe Dorner spent most of his time hidden in a condominium close to the command post set up to find him. He's believed to have entered the condo through an unlocked door sometime on Feb. 7. Dorner hid inside and never answered the door when deputies came knocking.

San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon says Dorner remained there until the condo's owners came to clean it. When the owners arrived, he tied them up and fled in their car. That led to a chase, a shootout that killed a sheriff's deputy and a last stand in a cabin.

The search for Dorner began last week after authorities said he had launched a deadly revenge campaign against the Los Angeles Police Department for his firing.
Dorner is suspected of killing a couple in Irvine, a police officer in Riverside and a sheriff's deputy in San Bernardino. He died this week after an intensive manhunt led authorities to the San Bernardino Mountains.
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