VIDEO: Kansas crash caught on camera

RILEY COUNTY, Kan. - A passenger in Riley County, Kan., 14 miles northwest of Manhattan, caught a dangerous crash on camera Tuesday.

Police say the one person inside the Jeep Cherokee that crashed was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. Police are investigating whether or not that person was impaired.

Jacob Meyer, who shot the video, said he started recording the Jeep because the driver had been swerving all over the road.

"It was almost like something in a movie because most people in that situation would have swerved right or left to avoid the vehicle," Meyer said. "It was almost as if he lined it up on person."

No one was in the 2006 Ford F350 attached to the trailer.  The person who parked the truck on the shoulder -- and did not want to be identified -- explained why the ramp was down:

"I was coming home from a auto auction when the truck died on me. I pulled over and unloaded the vehicle that I had on the trailer and drove it home. By random luck I left the ramp down on the trailer which is probably what saved his life."

You can see the video in the media player above.

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