Weld County flooding: Evacuations continue, roads closed, more flooding possible

WELD COUNTY, Colo. - In Weld County, officials said Saturday that the St. Vrain River and the Poudre River levels have dropped, but the South Platte River is not decreasing yet.

People remain evacuated, roads remain closed and some towns and cities have asked residents to boil their water and reduce their waste water use.

Some neighborhoods are under several feet of water.

"We're experiencing a tremendous amount of water coming off the South Platte, basically overflowing the banks on either side of the river, up to a half mile or more, especially toward Evans, east Greeley area, out towards Kersey," said Steve Reams, a spokesman with the Weld County Sheriff's Office.

AIRTRACKER7 flew over the county, showing dozens of homes and vehicles under water. A mobile home salvage yard at 42nd Street and Highway 85, close to the river, was submerged, making the lot look like a marina.

"Those are the homes, or former homes, that are actually the most threatening to the Highway 85 bridge. We're hoping they all stay anchored and they don't end floating downstream. If any of those hit the bridge, we're going to be looking at something totally different," Reams said.

Here is the latest information on Saturday morning:

- Evacuations. Deputies evacuated eastern parts of Greeley, near East 18th Street and Fern Avenue, on Friday. The city of Evans evacuated many areas on the east side of town Friday, from Highway 85 to the South Platte River.

- Missing. The Sheriff's Office says no one has been reported as missing.

- Deputies. There are 23 deputies in the flood area in the county to help people.

- Road closures. Any roads crossing the South Platte are closed, including Highway 85 and Interstate 25. There are 100+ road closures in Weld County. See list of road closures: http://ch7ne.ws/1atfHEB

- Roads and bridges. 16 access teams inspecting roads and bridges to get them reopened. "We're doing the best we can," officials said in a news conference Saturday.

- Boil order. There is a boil order for Frederick and Firestone. Water available at Rocky Mountain Christian Church at 10:45 a.m. Saturday. Berthoud and Evans, specifically have reported that their water is OK.

- Sewage. Residents in LaSalle and residents east of 35th in Evans are asked to refrain from using the waste water system. Meaning, please do not flush.

- Milliken. Parts of Milliken are back open to residents, but three subdivisions remain evacuated. Travel into the town is available only through a route from the south.

"There's really only one accessibility currently and that's being monitored and that's to the south. It’s a zig-zag route south of town because east of town the bridge, and south of town and west of town all those bridges currently are impassible," mayor Milt Tokunaga said.

- More evacuations? Weld County officials said more flooding and evacuations are possible if we get more rain. They're asking people to be ready to evacuate.

A state of emergency has been declared for the county. Fortunately, most of the county has power and authorities are able to get information out to people, Reams said.

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