Video shows man took missing woman Kelsie Schelling's car from Walmart in Pueblo

PUEBLO, Colo. - Video surveillance shows a man picked up a missing woman's car two days after she disappeared, according to Pueblo police.

Kelsie Schelling, of Denver, went to Pueblo on the night of Feb. 4. She planned to meet a friend at Walmart.

Police said according to cell phone records, Schelling did make it to Pueblo.

Video surveillance from Walmart shows Schelling’s vehicle parked in front of the store on Feb. 5 around 12:05 p.m. The car was left there overnight.

Police said the video showed an unidentified man getting into the car on Feb. 6 at 7:20 a.m. and driving off.

That video won't be released to the public, police said. It is sealed as part of the investigation.

The car was found on Feb. 14 at St. Mary Corwin Hospital. Surveillance video showed that the vehicle was parked there about 24 hours after it was picked up at Walmart.

Schelling’s cell phone records indicate she was in the Pueblo area until her cell phone battery lost power on Feb. 7, police said.

Pueblo police and Schelling's family spoke to reporters Friday afternoon.

"Kelsie is a faithful person with a big heart and electric smile. She's close with family and friends and would not go this long without talking to someone," said Kelsie's brother, Colby Schelling.

Schelling turned 22 just after she disappeared. She's 5 foot 4 inches tall and weighs about 120 pounds. She has three tattoos -- a Chinese symbol on the back of her neck, cursive writing on the inside of her left arm and a fleur-de-lis on her right rib cage.

"We're asking everyone to continue lending a helping hand to her," Colby Schelling said, "We all love and miss Kelsie very much and want to do everything we can to bring her home."

"If Kelsie is listening and she can hear us now, I'm begging her to please contact a family member," said Pueblo Police Detective, Neal Robinson.

KRDO-TV found a modeling profile that appears to be Schelling's on a website called Explore Talent. However, the family's Facebook page says she only logged onto the website once six years ago.

"As beautiful of a person as Kelsie is inside and out, she is not an aspiring model. She was studying psychology and has aspirations to run a business," the Facebook posting said. "It is our belief that Kelsie's disappearance is not linked to a site that she logged onto once in 2006."

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