Two coyotes killed following recent aggressive incident in Boulder

Boy bitten by coyote over the weekend

Two coyotes were shot and killed on Boulder open space east of Foothills Parkway earlier this week.

One coyote was shot last Tuesday and the second was shot on Thursday, according to the City of Boulder.

The shootings came after a father of two 5-year-old boys reported they were playing near the creek over the weekend when two coyotes surrounded them.  One of the boys ran to his father was chased and bitten by one of the coyotes.  The bite resulted in a scratch, but didn’t puncture the skin.

"When a coyote attacks and bites a human, the situation has to be addressed," said Larry Rogstad, area wildlife manager for Boulder Colorado Parks and Wildlife.  "From the patterns of behavior over the last month-and-a-half and the recent bite, we felt these coyotes presented a risk to humans and, therefore, it was necessary to remove them. Thanks to a detailed report from the father, we are confident that we identified the same coyotes and that they were animals already known to resource officers from both organizations."

Boulder recently completed a four-week hazing program for coyotes in the same area, trying to curtail recent reports of coyotes approaching or chasing humans, including one other bite.  The program ended in mid-February as reports dropped off and coyote patterns seemed to change.  This incident was the first reported since the hazing program ended.

"The city and the CPW worked together on this effort," said city urban wildlife coordinator Valerie Matheson.  "While we never like to have to kill wild animals, all parties agreed that the coyotes involved in the incident could be identified and needed to be removed in order to ensure public safety in the area.  The action taken was in line with our management plan."

Both the city and Colorado Parks and Wildlife will continue to monitor coyote activity in the area.  Aggressive incidents towards humans should be reported to Boulder at 303-441-3333 or CPW at 303-291-7227.

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