Tom Clements ordered movement of '211 Crew' members before he was shot to death

Authorities investigate possibility of accomplice

Authorities are investigating whether the man suspected of shooting Tom Clements had an accomplice in a white supremacist prison gang.

Colorado Bureau of Prisons shuffled around members of a gang called 211 Crew about a month before Clements' murder, law enforcement sources confirmed to ABC. Clements wanted to do this to dilute the group's power within the prison system.

Investigators are interviewing members of 211 Crew in and out of prison because they are concerned there could be another attack on an official.

Authorities say the suspect, Evan Spencer Ebel, served time in jail and had ties to the gang.

Ebel was killed in a gun battle Thursday with Texas authorities.

It remains unclear whether Clements, the Executive Director of the state Department of Corrections, was targeted and why he was shot.

7NEWS confirmed that all state prisons are now on "modified lockdown."

The recent shooting death of Colorado's prison chief has focused attention on dangers faced by those who oversee prisons.

Prison guards, wardens and correctional system administrators have been targeted in the past, mostly by convicts freed after serving their sentence.

Correctional professionals interviewed in the aftermath of the shooting say the growing influence of prison gangs, their ability to communicate with affiliates on the outside and other factors have made the job even more dangerous.

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