Teen brothers, Hunter Hicken and Mason Hicken, credited for saving wandering senior's life in Parker

Man had dementia, was lost in cold

PARKER, Colo. - Twin brothers in Parker are being credited for helping to save a man's life last week.

Hunter and Mason Hicken, 13, were woken up by a noise outside their bedroom at 2:30 a.m. on Jan. 14.

"As they peeked through their blinds, they watched a man pull two suitcases through the dark, icy street," said their mother, Lisa Hicken.

Hicken said the boys weren't sure what the man was doing, but they knew something wasn't right.

"Their instinct and [Boy] Scout training caused the boys to take immediate action," Hicken said. "While Hunter stayed at the window to keep watch, Mason woke his dad."

Their father, Phil Hicken, found a 79-year-old man at the end of a nearby driveway, just standing there, looking lost.

The man had no hat and no gloves. It was 2 degrees outside and it had just snowed, Lisa Hicken said.

Phil Hicken brought the man back home.

"He was disoriented, but he knew his name," Lisa Hicken said.

The Hickens called 911 and paramedics took the man to the hospital.

Paramedics and deputies said the man may not have survived the cold had it not been for the quick thinking and reaction of the boys, Lisa Hicken said.

The Hickens later learned the 79-year-old man has dementia and had just arrived at his son's house from out-of-state. The son called the Hickens to thank them for finding his dad.

Hunter and Mason and their older brother have been scouts for years, their mother said. Hunter and Mason just earned their Life Scout rank. Their brother is an Eagle Scout.

"Their training just kicked in," explained Lisa Hicken.

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