Police: Suspect in Centaurus High School bomb case called himself 'dormant terrorist'

LAFAYETTE, Colo. - The teenager accused of bringing a bomb to Centaurus High School told his friends he was a "dormant terrorist," a police officer testified Wednesday at the preliminary hearing for Andrew de Bartolome.

De Bartolome is charged as an adult with five felonies including attempted murder, using an incendiary explosive device, possession of an incendiary device and felony menacing. Each charge carries a sentence of 8 to 24 years, if convicted.

De Bartolome is accused of bringing a bomb to Centaurus High School in Lafayette on May 13. The device was found in a paper bag by a teacher. The teacher took it outside and the bomb squad later detonated it.

Defense attorneys said the charges are extreme for the situation.

"No one was harmed," attorneys said.

Prosecutors said de Bartolome poses a "future threat."

"I will kill people I don't like," de Bartolome wrote in a spiral notebook found in his home, a detective testified Wednesday.

"I'm a psychopath by definition, a person who hides his true feelings, I'm a danger to others," de Bartolome wrote in his journal, according to the detective. "I have a list of people I want to kill. I want to kill people who have bullied, teased or made fun of me."

A friend told officers that de Bartolome asked for help spray painting threats inside the school and said he was testing remote detonators. The friend didn't tell anybody until after the bomb was found at the school, police said.

Detectives also testified that the bomb squad had been called to de Bartolome's home before this incident.

The teen's lawyers had initially asked that his preliminary hearing on Wednesday be closed to the public. The judge rejected the request, saying attorneys failed to show why it would be in the teen's best interest to do so.

Another hearing is scheduled in October to determine if the case should remain in adult court or be moved to juvenile court.

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