Police arrest juvenile who tried to rob a Denver antique store at gunpoint

Boy left The Treasured Scarab empty-handed

DENVER - Denver Police tell 7NEWS they have arrested the juvenile wanted for using a gun while attempting to rob a Denver antique store last month.

On Monday evening, Denver Police released a photo of an estimated 12-to-15-year-old boy who they said pulled a gun on the owner at The Treasured Scarab, at 25 E. Dakota Ave., on Jan. 26.

Less than 24 hours after the surveillance picture was released, the boy was under arrest.

Denver Police confirmed the person they arrested is a juvenile, but they did not release the suspect's name or exact age.

The owner of the store, Syrma Sotiriou, said the boy didn't look old enough to drive a car. She said he came in, waved the gun around and started yelling.

"He had a gun, and he pointed it at me and he said, 'lay down on the floor.' I didn't take him seriously because he was a kid," said Sotiriou. "I started for the floor and he turned to my customer and said put all the jewelry in here and he handed her a big, black bag."

The customer fought back while she alerted ADT. The boy took off empty-handed before police arrived.

Sotiriou told 7NEWS she's relieved to have him off the street and hopes he's learned a lesson. "I pray that he's being put in the right direction because it's such a shame to see such a strong, healthy kid do something like that."

*Editors Note: 7NEWS originally used the surveillance photo showing the child's face so the public could recognize the suspect and help to solve the crime. Due to the suspect being a juvenile, we've now blurred the child's face.

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