Motorist pleads guilty to harassing bicyclists in Boulder County

James Ernst in Boulder County Court

A 75-year-old Boulder County man accused of harassing two bicyclists by honking his horn at them on a highway pleaded guilty Friday in the case

James Ernst, of Erie, Colo.,  pleaded guilty to charges of harassment and illegal use of a horn and was sentenced to 12 months of probation, 20 hours of community service and anger management and traffic courses, according to Catherine Olguin with the Boulder County District Attorney's Office.

A video of the prolonged confrontation along a Boulder County road went viral on the Internet, among bicylists.

The video shows a motorist driving behind a line of bicyclists, repeatedly honking his horn.

Two cyclists recorded the incident last September and put it on the Internet.

Ernst told the judge before his sentencing,  "The road is a double yellow line, uphill for a long ways and it's very narrow with no paved shoulder. It's really not safe for bicyclists."

"The issue isn't whether the bicyclists could have taken other action or not, if they're riding where they're supposed to be, you have to be patient and certainly can't be leaning on your horn," Judge Noel Blum told Ernst, according to the Daily Camera.

Ernst said he has received threatening phone calls and mail since the case received wide media coverage.

Original YouTube video

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