Motorcylcist hit in Denver intersection by SUV fleeing from Aurora Police

Motorcyclist suffered minor scrapes

DENVER - A motorcyclist is hit by a Sport Utility Vehicle on the run from Aurora Police.

Only 7NEWS was at the intersection of 14th Avenue and Monaco Parkway, where a motorcyclist avoided major injury when a black SUV clipped his front tire early Thursday evening.

The driver of the SUV was suspected of pulling a gun on someone near Colfax Avenue and Beeler Street in Aurora. Aurora Police spotted the vehicle and gave chase, until officers lost the SUV at 12th Avenue and Monaco Parkway in Denver.

Two blocks north of there, Jason Dorweiler was traveling eastbound across Monaco Parkway on 14th Avenue.

"Light turned green over on the other side and I took off. (I) probably hit second (gear) and the SUV came and got me. I mean, I didn't see it until it hit me; I did see it, but it was split second," said Dorweiler. "I think it just got the front tire and whipped me off of it."

Dorweiler was not seriously hurt. He suffered some scrapes and bleeding, but did not need to be taken to the hospital.

"He had to been going at least 30, 40 (mph) it seems like. He was cruising," said Dorweiler.

Police stopped pursuing the SUV at 14th Avenue and assisted Dorweiler.

Denver Police helped look for the vehicle, but as of late Thursday night, it had not been located.

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