Moose spotted in Parker: Police ask residents to stay at a safe distance

PARKER, Colo. - A moose is hanging around near the intersection of East Lincoln Avenue and Jordan Road in Parker, causing groups of people to gather and gawk, police said Monday.

"We can't emphasis this enough, PLEASE if you see the moose, give it space," the Parker Police Department wrote on Facebook. "The Colorado Division of Wildlife is on their way to get people to stop surrounding the moose."

Some people were spotted standing roughly 20 yards from the animal, taking pictures.  By 1 p.m., wildlife agents had arrived in the area to keep an eye on the moose and to keep everyone back.

If you see the moose, police say you should stay at a safe distance and watch or photograph it using telephoto lenses, binoculars or spotting scopes.

Moose have "treed" people who have approached them too closely, officials warn.

Moose have also killed or injured pets or livestock and have chased people away from territories they are defending, according to the Colorado Division of Wildlife.

Officials said they are hoping to let the moose to relocate on its own.

"As long as the moose is not a danger to residents or in danger [wildlife officials] will allow it to continue on its own," Parker police officials wrote.

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