Longmont police swamped by about 200 vehicle break-ins in 2 months; 2 dozens suspects arrested

LONGMONT, Colo. - Longmont Police are investigating about 200 car break-ins and at least a dozen vehicle thefts in the past two months, investigators tell 7NEWS. 

The crimes began to surge in September across the city, Police Sgt. Joel Post said.  

"Sometimes they just rifle through the glove box [and] the console to see what's in there," Post said.

In most cases, the vehicles are unlocked. However, the criminals have shattered windows to get into cars.

"You don't think this is going to happen to you," Longmont resident Celine Asbury told 7NEWS reporter Marc Stewart.

Her minivan wasn't damaged, but police records say it was allegedly targeted by two brothers, Alejandro and Luis Gonzalez, last weekend.  An officer spotted the men and took them into custody.

"I'm a little surprised it happened in my own driveway," Asbury said.

Meanwhile, police have arrested at least two dozen other people in the wave of car break-ins. Some suspects have been charged several times, said police.

"I don't know of any ties to any gangs for sure or any organized crime," Post said told Stewart. "It just seems they're out, taking, like you said, a crime of opportunity."

Police say this crime spree is significant. Patrols are on the increase and local pawn shops are being checked for stolen merchandise.

 "Lock up and make sure you have no valuables, anything of value in your car," Asbury warned. "I'd make sure you take [valuables] in every night."

Police are also urging the public to make sure they lock their vehicles and keep valuables inside their home, especially as the busy holiday shopping season approaches.

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