Lakewood murder suspect ordered held without bond in death of roommate David Noren

Ryan Hicks back in Colorado

GOLDEN, Colo. - Murder suspect Ryan Boyd Hicks is being held without bond on a judge's order while investigators determine what charges he’ll face in connection with the death of his roommate, David Noren.

Noren disappeared May 21.

His body was found Friday, June 7 along Fall River Road in Clear Creek County.

Authorities have not released details about how Noren died and court documents pertaining to the case are sealed. Before the discovery of Noren's body, however, police had told 7NEWS there was evidence of foul play inside the house the two men temporarily shared.

Noren moved to Lakewood three months ago to operate the machines at BCT Wholesale Printing. He’d worked for the same company in New Mexico and Arizona for 23 years.

Family members told 7NEWS that Noren sold his house in Arizona and was temporarily living with a roommate that he'd found on Craigslist while looking for a new house in Colorado.

They say David never mentioned anything about problems with his roommate and that police told them money was withdrawn from Noren's account the day he was reported missing.

Police say Hicks took off to Arizona shortly after Noren disappeared and was arrested in Safford after allegedly breaking into his father’s house.

The suspect, who was returned to Colorado over the weekend, is now being held for investigation of first degree murder, robbery and criminal possession of a transaction device.

It’s not the first time he’s been in trouble with the law.

Court records indicate that Hicks was charged with attempted first degree murder in April 2005 after he got into a fight at an apartment complex in Wheat Ridge.

Witnesses told investigators that Hicks climbed a stairwell, grabbed a 40-year old man and threw him through a second story window. The victim suffered a fractured skull.

That same month, Hicks was charged with kidnapping, assault and attempted abortion following an attack on his pregnant girlfriend.

According to the arrest affidavit in that case, the victim told police that Hicks wanted her to have an abortion. When she refused, he became enraged.

“He squeezed her throat and said he was going to ‘rip’ the baby out of her,” the document stated. “She said she started to lose consciousness.  Her vision blurred… and she felt she was going to die.”

The affidavit states that Hicks pushed the woman into the bathroom and ordered her to fill the bathtub with water.  When she refused, he turned on the shower head and pushed her into the tub. She cowered into the fetal position.

The woman told police that while she was in the shower, someone came to the front door and that Hicks went out and told them he was busy.

She said he came back with a paring knife, pointed it at her and said he’d cut her throat if she alerted the visitor.

After the visitor left, Hicks told his girlfriend that he hated her and was going to cut the baby out of her.

The affidavit states that after the phone rang, Hicks decided to drive the woman to Boulder “to finish the job.”

After driving around for a while, the couple returned to their apartment and had “make up sex.”

The woman told police she didn’t want to, but was afraid of what would happen if she didn’t.

The next morning, when Hicks left the apartment, the woman called a friend. The friend called a family member who drove to Wheat Ridge to pick the woman up.

The woman changed her name and moved out of state to get away from Hicks.

He pleaded guilty to second degree assault for throwing the man off the stairwell. In the domestic case, the jury only found him guilty of third degree assault.

He is due back in court June 28 for the formal filing of charges in connection with the Lakewood homicide.

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