Jon Caldara votes in El Paso County after changing voter registration

DENVER - Republican Jon Caldara changed his voter registration Saturday morning from Boulder to El Paso County, saying a flawed election law Democrats passed earlier this year allows him to claim residency in another jurisdiction.

But Caldara didn't mark a ballot in the recall of Senate President John Morse of Colorado Springs, a Democrat who faces ouster for pushing through stricter gun laws in the 2013 session.

Caldara is president of the Independence Institute, a think tank that fought the gun legislation and would like to see Morse lose his seat.

Critics of Caldara's plan claimed he could be charged with vote fraud, but he said that's not why he left his ballot blank when he submitted it.

"The point was not to be that last vote for Morse -- as delicious as that might be -- the purpose is to show how easy it is under the new law to move voters from district to district," he said.

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