Jamestown residents being airlifted out to safety

Many residents living in Jamestown, which was isolated by water, were airlifted out on Friday.

The Boulder Office of Emergency Management tweeted at 1:51 pm. Friday, "295 people being airlifted out of Jamestown, first group now on buses en route to evacuation center."

The town had been trapped by water since late Wednesday night.  As of 9 p.m. Friday, officials estimated that 130 people had been evacuated.

On Saturday, the Sheriff said 150 people elected to stay.

There are reports that multiple buildings that have collapsed.

One of the three victims killed by the floods lived in Jamestown. He was trapped in his home when it collapsed, Boulder County sheriff's office said. However, because the roads had been blocked by water and mudslides, rescue and recovery crews have been unable to reach him.

The Denver Post identified the victim as former Jamestown Mercantile owner Joseph Howlett, 72.

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