First flooding, now erosion threatening homes in Boulder County

Residents wait for decisions on river path

BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. - When you look at the homes on Longmont Dam Road in Boulder County, you can see why Ken Feldman and his neighbors are fighting time.

"Every time it rains we get scared," Feldman said.

Floodwaters may have spared their homes, but erosion is now threatening to sweep them away.

"We've probably lost about 20 feet of backyard so far, we've probably got another 20 feet to go," Feldman said.

Boulder County has still not decided whether it's going to redirect the North St. Vrain River to its old path.  The river has eaten all but 10 feet of Regina Cleveland's backyard.

"For my house specifically, getting that river back to its channel is a big deal for me," Cleveland said.

In the meantime, there's little she and others can do.  The roads to the area are washed out so there's no way to get the heavy equipment they need in.  They are also waiting on FEMA and county workers to come out and assess the damage.

"There's a big when," said Feldman.

For people who have so much hanging on the edge of time, that answer means everything.

"Not only will we not have a home, they'll be no land left to put a home on," Feldman said.

Feldman and other neighbors plan to hike into the area Saturday morning to reinforce the river bank with sandbags and shovels.

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