Family confirms Lakewood shooting victim is Sandra Roskilly

Neighbors had history of problems

DENVER - Close friends confirmed to 7NEWS Sunday that 47-year-old Sandra Roskilly, was the woman killed during a series of shootings on Friday on Irving Street.

Denver Police said Daniel Abeyta shot her and another woman that sources tell 7NEWS is his estranged wife,  before he was eventually shot by a police sniper.

Daniel Markin has been friends with Roskilly for 30 years.  He told 7NEWS that making sense of her death is as difficult as accepting she's gone.

"Everything's a blur.  Trying to understand what her thinking was ... why the senseless killing," Markin said.

Markin said he has a lot of questions including how his friend wound up in Daniel Abeyta's killing path.

"She wasn't ever really afraid of him that I know of.  She just liked to avoid confrontation," Markin said.

Markin said the neighbors had a history of "bad blood."  Abeyta he said was upset his neighbor's rose bushes were growing onto his property.

"Daniel was pretty much trying to get Sandy out of her house anyway he could," Markin said.

Despite their problems, Markin believes Roskilly was an innocent bystander who simply didn't get a neighbor's message that could've saved her life.

"Suzie had called over to the house and told Sandy to stay in the house, that there's a guy outside with a gun," Markin said.

Neighbors told 7NEWS they often heard yelling at the suspected gunman's home.  Other than that, they said there were no real warning signs.  Abeyta they said had just bought a new car and for all appearances led a normal life.

"I steered clear of the guy because I just didn't get good vibes from him.  He was the neighbor," Markin said.

Sources said Abeyta shot his wife in the leg.  She was taken to the hospital in serious condition.

Abeyta, who was shot by police, was taken to the hospital in critical condition.  7NEWS called the hospital on Sunday but a spokesperson said they did not have a patient under that name.

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