Dash cam video shows Evan Ebel shoot Texas deputy

WARNING: Some my find video disturbing

Dash cam video obtained by 7NEWS from Montague County, Texas shows Evan Ebel shooting a deputy during a traffic stop.

Deputy James Boyd pulled Ebel over as the parolee was driving a black Cadillac with Colorado plates. The video shows Boyd touching the back right corner of the vehicle as he approaches the passenger window. The video then shows Boyd getting blown back as Ebel shoots and speeds off.

The video is from March 21, two days after Colorado prison chief Tom Clements was gunned down at his Monument home. Father and part-time pizza deliveryman Nate Leon was killed on March 17.

Ebel is suspected in both of their murders, but at the time of the traffic stop that connection had not yet been made.

Just after the shooting, Ebel takes off. A short time later, he would be involved in a high-speed chase with numerous Texas police agencies. He was shot and killed in a shootout that ended in a violent crash.

Boyd's bulletproof vest saved his life, but a bullet did graze his head.

The video shows a passerby stop and ask Boyd, "What happened?"

Boyd responds, "I got shot in the face."

The passerby uses Boyd's radio to call for help. Paramedics arrive, strap Boyd onto a gurney and put him in the ambulance.

On March 26, Boyd met with the media, showing off stitches from where the bullet grazed his forehead.

"I remember seeing the gun shoot off a number amount of times, and I could see the cartridges fly out, at which point I blacked out;  had no clue whether I was standing, sitting, laying, whatever," said Boyd on March 26.

He said the passerby did "more than what a normal, average citizen would do."

Boyd is expected to fully recover.

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