Colorado Senators pass 5 gun control bills, including magazine limits

15-round magazine limit passes 18-17

DENVER - Colorado state Senators passed five gun control measures Monday, sending three of them to the governor's desk and two to the House for consideration.

The last bill to pass the Senate vote may have been the most controversial. If it is signed by the governor, House Bill 1224 would make it a crime to have a magazine that holds more than 15 rounds.

Lawmakers who voted no during previous votes were concerned that the bill would not reduce violence and will hurt a Colorado manufacturer of magazines. Monday, it passed by a vote of 18-17.

- House Bill 1228 would revive fee payments for gun purchasers who need background checks. Having been previously approved by the House, it now goes to Governor John Hickenlooper's desk for a signature.

- House Bill 1229 would add a background-check requirement for many guns sold in private transactions. The bill had already been approved by the state House, but because the Senate made amendments it must go back to the House for reconciliation.

- Senate Bill 195 would require people seeking concealed carry permits to take gun training courses in person. People can currently take online courses. That bill now goes to the state House.

- Senate Bill 197 would require courts to order anyone subject to a domestic violence protection order or convicted of domestic violence to relinquish their guns within 24 hours. A judge could extend that to 72 hours. That bill also goes to the state House.

Two parts of the Democrats gun package were pulled Friday because of lack of support. House Bill 1226, which would end Colorado's unusual law barring public college campuses from banning concealed weapons, and Senate Bill 196, which would add legal liability for sellers and owners of assault weapons, were laid over until after the session ends. Therefore, the proposals were effectively defeated.

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