Colorado issues alert for missing Florida boys -- Cole and Chase Hakken

Boys kidnapped from grandmother on Wednesday

DENVER - The Colorado Bureau of Investigation has issued a statewide alert for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for four-year-old Cole Hakken and two-year-old Chase Hakken, according to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

The boys were wearing their pajamas when deputies say their own parents took them by force Wednesday from their grandmother's house in Florida.

"The grandfather had left for work. The break-in occurred shortly after -- that's when he accosted her, tied her up and then took off with the children in the car," said investigators said.
The brothers lived with their grandparents, who had temporary custody.
Detectives also say they've received tips about several sightings of the Hakken family in several different states.

"We have at this point received tips from various states alleging sightings of the children and family. We are working with our law enforcement partners and the FBI and trying to vet those tips and see if it is accurate information," said Colonel Lusczynski.

Louisiana Police said Joshua and Sharyn Hakken lost custody of the boys after a bizarre encounter in 2012. A Slidell Police Department detective tells us by phone they were called to a disturbance at a hotel.

"Mr. Hakken was in possession of narcotics and he had some weapons with him. At that point in time, he was placed under arrest," said Slidell Police Detective Daniel Seuzeneau.

"They were speaking some bizarre words that alarmed our officers. They were talking about going to California and when I read the report yesterday, it was something towards the effect of they were trying to beat the Armageddon and get to California which was, obviously, very bizarre," he said.

Louisiana detectives said the couple told officers they were trying to beat "Armageddon" and "complete their ultimate journey." They also said the father tried to kidnap the boys at gunpoint from a foster care home in Louisiana but failed.

Law enforcement has characterized the couple as "anti-government" but aren't sure where they are headed or why.

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