Colorado floods: Roads, businesses, homes damaged in Glen Haven, near Estes Park

LARIMER COUNTY, C9olo. - You Tube video from Glen Haven, in Larimer County, shows the Town Hall has apparently been knocked off its foundation by flooding and debris. Glen Haven is about seven miles from Estes Park.

The video shows a large tree and a pile of logs, trash and other debris piled against the side of the Town Hall and the Town Hall pushed up against the Glen Haven General Store. File pictures on Google show the buildings used to be several feet apart.

One of the front walls of the Town Hall building has also partially collapsed.

The video shows much of the road in front of the General Store has collapsed and been washed away.

Inside the General Store, there is a layer of mud left by the flood waters and several display cases knocked over.

The video said it was shot on Friday afternoon between 1 p.m. and 6 p.m., it was posted by 7522 Network. It is credited to Under Oath Productions.

The video shows a large amount of debris outside the Inn of Glen Haven, but we could not determine if the Inn itself was damaged. The video also shows one helicopter hovering over the town.

The Larimer County Sheriff flew over Glen Haven on Friday and confirmed that the main road in the area was washed out in several sections.

West Creek and the North Fork of the Big Thompson River run through Glen Haven.

See the video below. Mobile link:

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